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{June 25, 2007}   lfg.. lfg!.. LFG!!!

How is it that I can be in a guild of over 500 people in a game of over 8 million subscribers yet sit in the LFG tool for an hour trying to find a damn group for an instance?  I do a quick ‘who’ to find several hundred people online, so what is the problem?  It’s peak time and I’m STILL looking for someone?  We finally line something up and ‘oh, I have to go now’ tends to happen.  Is this the ‘which came first the egg or the chicken’ argument?  Do people not want to join your group because they don’t want to wait for an hour to find a group which in and of itself CAUSES the actual problem?

Same with raiding.  Our guild has a weekly meeting on Sunday which the guild leader gives out free greens and blues (which takes much too long IMHO) and then we raid some Ally city.  So why is it that we barely clear a dozen people, half of which leave as soon as they die the FIRST TIME!!!  What are you doing in this game?  Why are you joining a guild?  Have guilds really been demoted to a place you join so you can get instance runs by high levels instead of social breeding grounds? 

Is it poor game design?  Is it too many loners?  Poorly ran guilds?  Do people really not want the connection of playing with other people?  Whatever it is, it’s annoying as all hell.  If you don’t want to participate in groups and guild raids, then why are you here?


lm0xl says:

This is indeed a game design flaw, I am currently an EX wow player due to this and several other issues.

you are dependent on the punctuality and longevity of all players in your party, or raid.

If you have your healer and a tank, the three others come fairly quickly. because it doesn’t matter really which classes are invited.

If you are a tank or a healer you are the only one waiting, and doing /who’s for your counterpart, as when these two classes are found people come running. (this extra work contributes to the rareness of these classes)

People will not like to sit around and wait for the “critical classes” that bear most of the stress in WOW.

If you are a DPS class (most everyone is) you are most likely looking for a dependable tank and a dependable healer, the two rarest classes in the game. This is because these positions are too stressful for most people who have jobs, or other IRL things to deal with.

Healers and tanks are the most stressful positions in wow, and are rarely “fun” as people will expect you to do exactly what your supposed to, on time, and, have the right gear equipped. If you don’t the flak doesn’t stop coming.

I ran two different guilds for a total time of 1 year, both guilds were completing the first end game instance raids. I can attest that no matter what, this problem is always there, due to that pesky thing people call IRL.

the only thing we could do to avoid flakey players, is by recruiting massive amounts of players based on the time they are active, and even then there are times when nobody has logged in.

If the stress were evened out. If you weren’t so dependent on the two classes nobody likes to play, it’d work alot better.

It’s poor game design
the guilds can’t be run better, unless you quit your day job. A guild with a regular raiding schedule, and forums is pretty much the best you can do, aside from being online 24 hours a day.

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