Pre-Combat Upgrade

{June 19, 2007}   Mom! Jimmy took my super l33t dragon slayer sword!

I was playing some WoW last night when I should have been working on Fowl Prowl (our 2nd in-house game and Dream Build Play entry which is due in 2 weeks) and I heard a rant on vent from a now-former guildie.  He met with someone to build him a riding crop, of which he was going to give 5g tip plus mats.  After the trade was comleted and he went into his inventory to equip the crop, he couldn’t find it.  “Where the F*** is my riding crop?”  After several minutes of ‘damnit, I can’t find it’ and ‘i just totally got ripped off’ I heard the phrase that is the military equivelent in my mind as getting a cruise missle up the arse.  “I’m paging a GM”

 Remember when Storytellers and Game Masters actually.. well.. TOLD STORIES?!  We have teams and teams of people who’s sole purpose is to deal with stupid little ‘I got ripped off’ scenerios that it sickens me.  If you don’t want to get ripped off, PAY ATTENTION.  You have a trade window up.  The ENTIRE side of the person trading you something highlights when they’ve accepted the trade.  Big red letters pop up saying ‘trade succesful’ or ‘trade cancelled’ depending on which happened.  Use common sense people.

What makes you think that other players do and should have to play fair?  If you don’t want your mats ripped off, don’t use someone you don’t know to craft something for you.  Show a little thing called ‘patience’ and either buy it from AH or have a guildie make it.  I don’t get the concept of thinking Blizzard is our mother and we should cry to her every time someone doesn’t do what we want them to do in-game.

Do I approve of ripping people off?  No, unless it’s part of the game.  Thief profession anyone?  Anyway, back to the original rant.  I just am fed up of hearing people cry on vent that they are quitting if a GM doesn’t give them x and x back because they were morons and handed it over to a complete stranger in a virtual world to build them something.  If you think only morally correct people play World of Warcraft, then I have some ocean front property in north dakota to sell you.

I’m going to have to build some better trade/crafting tools for Forbidden Dawn to accomidate trading of this nature.  I want to do this to eliminate two problems, the bigger of which I feel is the actual use of GMs to get back something you GAVE to someone else hoping for something in return.

 I wonder how many babysitters there are and how much more live events would happen if those babysitters actually did their job of being ST’s and GMs?


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