Pre-Combat Upgrade

{June 14, 2007}   WTF is an image designer?

It’s pretty dark in Coronet right now.  I haven’t buffed in a few days and I’m now below 20 million credits, so I’m no longer in the top 5 whales of the galaxy anymore.  Time to get to work.  The paint wore off on my AV-21, so I decide to walk it.  That dancer in the cantina.. persiphine.. well, let’s just say I watch her and all the fatigue I felt from combat goes away.  I feel refreshed and new.  An addiction maybe?  No.  It’s more than an addiction.  It’s freedom.  It’s life.  The way she moves.  The way she… huh?  I stare up at a sign over a small tent.  I don’t remember really walking past this before.  I read the sign above the tent “Image Designer”.  WTF is an image designer?  I step inside to a small crowd gathered around two faintly dressed ladies.  My curiosity gets the better of me and I shove my way to the front to see what all the commotion is about.  What I see both shocks and amazes me.

OK.  Enough with the bad first person tale.  Why don’t we ever see things like the Pre-CU SWG Image Designers?  Why NOT let people change people in game.  Even if it were just stats, it is friggin FUN!  It’s fun to do, it’s fun to have done, it adds another level of social aspect to the game.

I’d never play an ID myself, because that’s as interesting as washing dishes and don’t they have women for those things *hides* 😛


*posts links to your post on all the feminist websites he can find* 😛

cdsorden says:

Yeah. I always love the games where the players have enormous control over in-game elements. The problem is that asshats tend to ruin immersion when they can control large portions of the game.

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