Pre-Combat Upgrade

{June 13, 2007}   exit stage right

Well, after just 4 short days of playing SWG’s trial I log in to find that SWG somehow forgot that I already completed the tutorial and chose to force me into watching its opening cut scene and then retaking all of the tutorial.  I fly through that aspect of it and get to han solo and demand he take my ass off this ship ASAP only to find out that a nice little popup.. well.. pops up.. and tells me to subscribe to “continue my adventure” or “return to the trial”.  If I choose “continue my adventure” nothing happens at all.  I assume this is supposed to pop a web browser with the subscriptions page on it, but it’s broken.  If I click ‘continue trial’ I am forced to stay on the tutorial ship.

Thanks SOE!  You’ve confirmed how much of a crap bag game you can STILL make and even though I was starting to actually enjoy part of what I was doing, I’m now back to being pissed of in general and have proceeded to disable my damn account and return to WoW.  It’s a sad state of affairs when I play a game because “nothing as good as pre-cu swg” exists yet.  In the famous words of Charlie Brown.. “Good Grief…”


When I checked out the SWG trial, back when they first offered it, I couldn’t complete the tutorial even. I’d get to a point where I was supposed to interact with an object, but the object was never there, even if I relogged.

It just simply amazes me that even 49k people still pay $15/month to play this game. I mean get serious. I know HARD CORE SW nerds who dressed up at each of episodes 1 – 3’s movie premiers who don’t even play SWG anymore.

SOE and LA need to wake the **** up and create SWG 2. Like I’ve said over at Raph’s blog, this horse will keep being beaten until we see an SWG2 or a good alternative.

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