Pre-Combat Upgrade

{June 11, 2007}   Oh God, not another MMOG BLOG!

Yes, I did it.  It’s not my fault though.  You can blame Cuppy, Cameron, and Damion if you’re eyes start bleeding after reading what I write.  Of course, the beauty of the internet is you can choose to ignore what I’m saying without me actually finding out.  By the way, shouldn’t you be working right now?



damianov says:

Bah, “work” is for those lacking the wherewithal to get paid to delegate.

Welcome to the collective…

I wouldn’t welcome me just yet. I tend to get incredibly busy be it work or play and end up neglecting anything to do with writing. They damn near have a create MMO button (, do they have a “create compelling and interesting blog based on your own personal experiences and thoughts” button?

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